Interview with Centre Manager, Corrine Fulton


  • Corrine Fulton has joined the Futuro team as Centre Manager for our Gledswood Hills service. 
  • She brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to team leadership and family engagement.

For Gledswood Hills Centre Manager Corrine Fulton, teaching in one form or another has always been in her blood. 

Passionate about dance in all its forms (ballet, jazz, tap), Corrine has many years of experience teaching dance. However, one cannot live on dance alone and shortly after finishing high school Corrine followed her cousin into early learning and hasn’t looked back... 

Much has changed, much has stayed the same

After starting out in the sector at such a young age, Corrine has notched up over 20 years’ experience in early learning. In that time, the early learning sector transitioned from a lightly-regulated cottage industry to the heavily regulated and quality-focused sector of today. Corrine feels that in some respects, early learning has become too complex and it’s important to focus on bringing practice back to basics, and she’s not alone! 

A focus on meaningful practice

Corrine believes that children and their unique interests should be at the heart of our practice as Educators. She feels that there is much to be learned by engaging children in the centre’s day-to-day activities in a hands-on way. The experiences and activities children are engaged in need to be purposeful, rather than focused on the generational of documentation purely to create an ‘environment of compliance’. Anyone who has read our previous blog post on documentation, knows that this is a subject close to our hearts!

Vision for the centre

Corrine is in her element as a manager, as she gets a kick out of supporting the team with their professional growth. She sees that there is potential in each and every member of the team, regardless of what role they are in and whether they aspire to promotion. Relatively new to Gledswood Hills, Corrine knows that she’s not yet had a chance to meet all of our families – so if you haven’t met Corrine yet, please stop by her office and say g’day! 

The perfect partner in crime

Corrine has four wonderful children under the age of 8 – combine that with a full time job, and it’s no small feat to keep all those plates spinning, as many of our families know! When asked about the key to success, Corrine doesn’t hesitate to tell us that it’s finding the perfect partner in her husband. Cuteness overload! 

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