CCS Fact Sheet

There is A LOT of information out there on the Child Care Subsidy. We’ve summarised that information for you – and included some helpful links for more information.


The Child Care Subsidy provides families with financial assistance with the cost of childcare. The Child Care Subsidy reduce fees for families by up to 85%. There are also additional subsidies available for families experiencing temporary financial hardship and for children at risk.


Who can claim it

The Child Care Subsidy can be claimed by:

  • Children aged 13 or under, who are not attending secondary school;
  • Children who are up to date with their immunisations; and 
  • Parents or guardians that meet the Government’s residency requirements.

Factors that influence your Child Care Subsidy percentage

The % subsidy that you receive is variable and depends on:

  • Your family’s combined income; 
  • The number of children in care; and 
  • Your hours of ‘activity’ per week (work, volunteering etc).

‘Activity’ test

‘Activity’ encompasses many things including:

  • Work (including self-employment)
  • Training
  • Study
  • Recognised voluntary work
  • Unpaid work in a family business
  • Looking for work

The number of hours that you work each fortnight will determine the number of hours of care for which you can claim the Child Care Subsidy.


Extra subsidies for additional children

The Federal Government recently announced a change to the Child Care Subsidy so that families with more than one child in care can receive a higher subsidy for the second and younger children. The higher subsidy rate works out as a 30% increase on the family’s income tested rate, up to maximum of 95% of the daily rate. This additional subsidy may be revised at the commencement of the new financial year in July 2023.


How do I claim?

Hop onto your MyGov account, head to Centrelink and select the ‘Payment and Claims’ option. The Child Care Subsidy is under the ‘Families’ heading. 

You’ll need to answer questions and supply documents in relation to your income, activity levels and residency status, amongst other things. Once your claim is submitted you can track it on My Gov.